Thursday, January 11, 2018

Experience Business Center (EBC) Innovation Center SAP in Levallois-Perret (Paris)

With the recent announcement of an even closer partnership between SAP and Microsoft, I got the fantastic opportunity the visit SAP EBC with my VISEO Top Management and Key Account Managers.
Indeed, as Microsoft Regional Director in charge of the Azure strategy for the group WW, the SAP management welcomed us and congratulated us on the job done in 2017, and challenges us to become again one of the TOP 5 best partner.
Despite I am into innovation and very high tech, I must admit that I was REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY impressed by the Innovation center (an entire massive floor dedicated to innovation). Here is one of the room where we have a concentrated amount of digital innovation.


And, despite many people will like the Retail showroom, I really much prefer durt and robots, which are my favorite topic : real-time Machine Learning embedded in devices off-line and Instrstrial IoT with OPC UA standards.
image image image image 
We also had a presentation of a very robust, yet Lean, Innovation SAP process !
These sessions was a great source of inspiration and I already for few ideas that made come true !

The entire VISEO board was present along with their Key Accounts Managers… and it’s Microsoft Regional Director Winking smile 


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