Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Providing a Blockchain session to Top leaders worldwide during Microsoft ENVISION in Orlando !

So glad to have been selected to provide a session on Blockchain with Connected Cars and Insurance, at the Microsoft ENVISION event in Orlando. I was lucky enough to have been invited as a guest, as part of my Regional Director’s Role. Otherwise it would have cost a fortune !

ENVISION is a Great event where Microsoft invites on stage for instance Michelle OBAMA, which was just an EXCELLENT and Historical moment for me. with less than 5 000 people attending ENVISION, and about 25 000 people for the INGNITE that was held simultaneously.

OCCC-Panoramic  image


Final preparation in the morning before I jump in ; notice the healthy food !!
(to be honest, I’m the kind of “work hard, play hard” !! and we did party all night long, and I missed the VIP breakfast that Microsoft has prepared for us at the Hilton !).



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