Tuesday, February 10, 2015

TechDays: Showcasing the first SaaS application in France to be certified true Azure Active Directory compatible


Colibri, an SaaS application 100% running on Azure PaaS have been certified complyant to the Azure Active Directory standards. Hence, after few weeks of evaluation and tests by Microsoft Corp teams, the team is pleased to annonce that Colibri is THE FIRST application in France (and top 50 worldwide) that integrates Azure Active Directory SSO principles (i.e. not the password-only safe).

During the TechDays 2015, Paris (18 000 visitors), Microsoft France chose to present it during a return an experience session. The Product Manager and I were present to answer any questions.

What is Colibri ?

It is a collaborative tool that revolutionize sales forcasting. It fills the gap between expensive SAP or Microsoft Dynamics solutions and an Excel file !

It is entirely designed for Microsoft Azure fron the ground up, offers a full reversibility to allow an install on-premise.




Presentation during the TechDays 2015, in Paris.

image image



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