Sunday, June 30, 2013

Win Azure with Visual Studio 2013 Preview on Windows 8.1

Visual Studio 2013 preview installed
(Image 1)
Visual Studio 2013 preview installed final(Image 2)
Since my previous post, after a fast reformat and the installation of Windows 8.1, the installation of Visual Studio 2013 Preview (with ALL options), was smooth and relatively fast.

To avoid this pain, you could also mount a Windows Azure VM that is ready for you to try:

Because VS2013 supports the development of Windows Phone 8.0, the installation has activated and configured Hyper-V (image 1).

(Image 3)
(Image 4)
A fast reboot allows us to start rapidly with VS2013 (Image 2).

We can see how the new version handles an optional sign in into VS2013 (image 3).

Then, another Windows Account is needed to log into you Team Foundation Service in the Cloud Azure.
(Image 4).

Below the installation of VS2013 has installed Hyper-V, and a multiple necessary apps. We can notice the fact that the “Start Button” came back on Windows 8.1 preview and we can access the second page displayed below (Image 5):
Install_VS2013UltimatePrevOnWin8.1(Image 5)

Once VS2013 is started I ran into TFS to open my Windows Azure project… and a now common error is this one:
07_CompatibilityMigration The Azure SDK currently available is not compatible with VS2013. Although, I tried to cheat and used a “Microsoft Web Platform Installer 4.5”.

This is confirmed by this MS documentation: :
Features that are not yet supported in Visual Studio 2013
The Windows Azure SDK for .NET is not compatible with the Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate Preview. This means that Visual Studio 2013 can not yet be used to author, debug, or publish cloud service projects. In addition, no Server Explorer support is available for features other than Mobile Services, and streaming logging is not available for web sites. An SDK release that is compatible with Visual Studio 2013 will be available later in the summer.”
And this one:
It doesn’t fully matter, because even without a Windows Azure Project, I could use the old fashion “Web Publish” to deploy into Azure on my existing Could Service.

The first thing I wanted to try was the handy “Peek Definition” which is a variant of “Go To Definition”, except that you stay on the same page, and the definition is displayed inline.
For the other new features available in VS2013, it is quite pleasing to see that it is getting better and better. However, the drawback of that is that one have to always keep up to date on what’s available to produce be best possible application !


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