Saturday, October 15, 2011

Free Load test on AZURE to test the scalability of your Website

When seeking for information on AZURE, I found out another free tool on its basic version for testing Web scalability: CloudNetCare

However, if you want to test Silverlight applications, I suspect that he may need to combine other tools such as Selenium Silverlight {see below} and customize Scripts.

Super quick and easy to configure, it has a double feature:

· It is based on AZURE to increase its ability to inject load,

· It creates not HTTP requests to simulate the load {Virtual Users}, but with the ability to scale-out on Azure, it instantiates many and true web browsers.





As it`s quite tedious to copy / paste many URLs, which does not allow to simulate some GUI behaviors, an interesting variation is based on Selenium Scripts that are recorded via the GUI of Firefox.

Note that there are many helps and videos, that are hidden by default, to accompany us all along the process.

Then, a very `cloud ` approach when setting up the tests is to choose for example the DataCenter that will be used, and at what time you want to start the load.


then the characteristics of the tests: 


`Pour un test de plus de 100 utilisateurs… = `For a test that has got more than 100 users…`
Since the purpose of such application is to load up until the maximum limit for your Web servers and determine the breaking point, CloudNetCare includes a protection:

As a result and unfortunately you will not be not possible to assign 5000 servers in the cloud and break down your favorite e-Commerce web site and thus be on the front page of every newspapers.


Finally, you can share the results either by CSV export, or by creating a Web link. Here is a link to my test report {well, I just changed the GUID of my real one}: .



Really interesting concept, and big thank you CloudNetCare to have given us the ability to use free of charge the basic version.

The only problem with the public cloud, it that it is more difficult to test my Intranet applications... I cannot complain, I cannot have everything ... free and as easily. Anyway, I am gladly adding this tool my ALM item list to make life easier and more agile.

So have a good Agility, and a great Scrum hopefully.

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