Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Quicky TFS 11 | Finally easier to manage Iterations and Areas

Having problems with projects regarding Iterations and Areas ?

This sounds stupid, but on large projects lasting for many years with many program versions, you end up having hundreds of Iterations and Areas. Moreover having no proper start/end dates on your iterations just increases the mess, since Iterations and Areas are the only 2 key concepts to split your Work Items into chunks of respectively timespan and Business area.
All your reports will depends on those 2 parameters properly set up.

Our nightmare finally ends with TFS 11 (Preview version) throught a Web interface and the Scrum 2.0 Process Template :

  • Drag and Drop for creating new child, sub child, ...
  • Right click with contextual menu

  •  Double click on the iteration and opens a detailed view, either to rename or add properties. Our reports for the Sprint Reviews will FINALLY have Start Date and End Date easier to manage :

Now we can create a new Work Item for example inside Visual Studio 11.
A good surprise is that I can attach a file to the Work Item simply by Drag and Drop (in TFS 2010 I think I also got it working Once Upon a Time, but never manage to make it work on this current projet) :

Finally not all previous feature have been reworked. We still have the horrible non intuitive popup to manage Build Qualities:

 Hope I will have other nice surprises as I dog food this version with a real project.

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