Friday, March 4, 2011

TFS 2010 Large projects in real life

Why this presentation ?

Because I often hear from my customers, or during some TFS/Scrum training courses :

« Yes, Team Foundation Server 2010 and this Scrum methodology are really great, but it(*) can only work on small projects ! 
Our project is different, and our team / project is too big and critical to apply this. »

This presentation is about showing that one of the biggest companies such as Microsoft can rely on TFS 2010 and Agile. It also presents how very Product Management uses the concept of ZBB (Zero Bug Bounce, see MS TechNet Stabilizing phase) {Yes, Scum does not mean you don't have high quality indicators, nor strict QMS processes}.

(*) The sticky notes on the big board, the detailing of the User story as we go, the Agile planning  and estimating, the self-organizing team, …

Because the conversion to SlideShare has shifted some images vs. text, here is a sample as full images: 


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