Sunday, March 13, 2011

Comparing PRINCE2’s Agility with Scrum within the TFS2010 ALM (Blending Methods to Succeed)

Usually people do not notice the large amount of similarities between PRINCE2 and SCRUM. Rather than presenting them all in detail, here are some few examples (see the slides below, or link here).

Synopsis :
ÐPRINCE2 and SCRUM are mature and based on practical feed backs of thousands of successful project worldwide,
ÐNeither PRINCE2 nor SCRUM could be used alone, they have to be blended to other technics,
ÐNeither PRINCE2 nor SCRUM should be fully used “from the book”, they have to be adapted to the company,
Ð[PRINCE2] Stage and decision boundaries ó [SCRUM] Sprint iteration of fixed length and Spring Review
Ð[PRINCE2] Driven by the Business' needs ó [SCRUM] Driven by User Story and prioritized by Business values
ÐShall we carry on ?
×[PRINCE2] End Stage Assessment ó [SCRUM] Sprint iteration review
ÐRegular reports :
×[PRINCE2] highlight reports {by Project manager}ó [SCRUM] Daily stand up meeting {by the team + Scrum Master}

ÐAssumes that changes will occur (detailed and big design up-front cannot predict all)
×[PRINCE2] Change Control ó [SCRUM] Reprioritizing User Story before the start of a sprint, and reprioritizing technical tasks during a sprint
ÐDecompose user’s needs to visualize the problem and feeds that back to the users :
×[PRINCE2] Product Break down structureó [SCRUM] Epic (=Big User story) > sub-User stories > related tasks > related sub-tasks
ÐQuality boundaries : Agreed and strict tolerance at many levels
×[PRINCE2] Project {program management}, stage  {project board} and product {project manager}ó [SCRUM] “Definition Of Done” : Program {program management}, End of sprint iteration {project board}, User Story {Product Owner}, Tasks {Team / Scrum Master}


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  2. Nice comparison. Interesting thought perspective. One way i also think of it is that prince2 can sit ontop of scrum. Prince2 can hand off work packages to be done in any means, Aslong as the controls and reports are in place.

    One other note: Under regular reports, i think this should be a checkpoint report not a highlight report. Checkpoint is from Team manager to project manager. Highlight report is from project manager to project board.

  3. To "Anonymous" : You are perfectly right, this should be "checkpoint report" and not highlight reports.

    Thanks for the feedbacks,

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