Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Why it is a bad idea to Rename / Move your TFS Branches

If you want to rename and move your TFS Branches... don't !!

Unless this is really necessary to clean up a bit, or to comply to another "Branching and Merging" scenario. For instance, you should carefully chose the perfect moment to rename and move the Branches, so that you don't "lose" your changesets.

For instance, once moved and renamed, tracking a changeset is a real challenge in your Branching hierarchy view, particularly if Microsoft does not provide any legend on the roles of the various arrows.

This is only an example, some other graphics contains hatched boxes... and you have to spend some time asking around who did what, to understand what's going on.
However, the "Time Tracking" functionnality can give you a better vision.

Now you've been warned !

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