Tuesday, December 21, 2010

TFS 2010 is great as an ALM tool, what next ??

TFS 2010 is already a great tool for doing an easy ALM with ONLY one tool, and works great with Agile Scrum.

So what else could Microsoft will add in the next versions ?

It's gonna be much MORE AGILE !!!
With better communication between the Team and the Stakeholder, as a result (and I added some of my guesses and hopes) :

. more visual communication tools (Powerpoint integration, ...),
. dynamic charts and cinematic between pages (such as Sketchflow in Microsoft Expression Blend 4),
. Release Management (> 2011),
. THE cloud !!! for continious delivery,
. Portfollio for helping the Business to prioritized,
. Process management : Moving from Agile to CMMI,
. Value for existing assets (eg. architectural),
. Ops integration

A survey worldwide shows :
  • The top 2 tools used to archive : VSS > Subversion (TFS comes in the 3rd rank)
  • The premier ALM Tools : Microsoft > IBM
Source of those information : Brian Harry (creator of VSS and Microsoft Visual Studio Technical Fellow) in the ALM summit 2010.

Brian Harry reminded us an interresting information : Microsoft is "dog fooding" TFS 2010 within a large development team "The Microsoft Developer Division has 3,500 developpers users". Another source tells us that this represents terabytes of data.

Let's hope the future will start ASAP !!!

PS : with still some missing features, so don't forget to check updates and my other post http://memoprojects.blogspot.com/2010/12/alm-tfs-2010-vs-2010-where-to-start.html.

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