Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Play with TFS 2010 and VS 2010 for free ??

Microsoft has released the new version of a virtual machine with a entire ALM environment (TFS 2010 + VS 2010 Ultimate + tutorials), in trial version until June 1, 2011.
You'll be able to really learn and experiment advanced functionalities

  •  on the Tailspin Toys Application (Build definition, Unit Test, and much more...), 
  •  or create your own ones, with reports, new types of WorkItems, ...

It's here : Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2010 and Team Foundation Server® 2010 RTM virtual machine for Microsoft® Virtual PC 2007 SP1 

How to use it (and links to download other types of VPC, such as Hyper-V):

By the way, also try the "TFS Integration Platform" from CodePlex to extend the power of TFS outside its traditional usage.

Happy testing... and good luck downloading the 9 Gb !

PS : And for the fun, here is Visual Studio ALM Ranger Projects Scrum Guide.... Personally, I found it interesting but REALLY scary at first sight, despite the fact that I have been using TFS for the last 3 years, with Agile, and recently Scrum for about a year !!

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