Monday, November 29, 2010

Don't forget the HotFixes, FeaturePacks, QuickFixEngineering (QFE), PowerTools, ...

(update: see for up to date versions given in the comments)
To properly work with VS2010 and TFS 2010, it is important to install, at least, the following :

  •  VS10-KB2403277-x86-Prerequisit-FeaturePack-2-for-VS2010.exe
    è   Pre-requisite for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Feature Pack 2,
  • en_visual_studio_2010_fp2_x86_604352-FeaturePack2-14nov2010.msi
    è From the MSDN subscription website
  • VS10-KB2251084-x86 Cut or Copy displays 'insufficient memory' error.exe
  • VS10-KB2268081-x86-Find and Replace Dialog Growing.exe
  • VS10-KB2345133-x86-FixScrollingContextMenu.exe
  • tfpt-TFS-PowerTools-Sept2010.msi

 And why not :

  •  en_visual_studio_2010_pex_0.94.51023.0_power_tools_x64_598803.exe or

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