Thursday, September 9, 2010

TFS 2010 : What we cannot copy a build definition !!

UPDATE : Yes we can ... now with the latest TFS PowerTools (Clone Build Definition) :

What !!! After having spent many hours in configuring the best ever unbreakable build with the TFS's Gated Checkin, with lots of Unit tests, Code Coverage options, a nice deployments..., you're telling me that TFS 2010 does not provide any function to copy or backup my Build Definition ???
Because, a very basic modification of the Build Definition done by mistake can breakdown everything !

Well, sorry, there's no such option with Team Explorer. However, here is a way to overcome this missing feature : To copy a build definition, you have to create your own application via the TFS API :

TeamFoundationServer tfs = TeamFoundationServerFactory.GetServer("http://myTFSserver:8080");

as explained here :

NB: Talking about automated Unit Test and Test impact, here is a nice post to explain whar Test impacts are :

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