Sunday, July 18, 2010

To add another link to the ability of Silverlight 4 to connect to a Webcam and microphone

Sorry for this post with little value added, but I just find that they are not many websites offering an online demo of the ability of Silverlight 4 to connect to a Webcam. Indeed, we essentially can find webcast, but we can't really play with a demo.

So here is one :

As a preview, I inserted it into the IFRAME below, where you'll have to scroll down and clic "Capture". Then the popup asking "Do you want to allow camera and microphone access?". Answer [Yes], then you'll be able to see yourself.

I used to play with another online demo with enhanced reality, but the link is now broken :-(
I shall make a wee demo too so that it could be played with.

Thank you Olivier Dahan (MVP CAD 2010, MVP C# 2009).

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