Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hiro marker : Silverlight 4.0 and 3D augmented relality via your webcam !

I could have used Delicious, but this link is so great that I have to post it here :

It is a very impressive Proof Of Concept using your WebCam and Silverlight 4.0 :

Based on NyARToolkitCS library (ARToolkit).
[Link not working anymore : see my newer post on the 18th July 2010] With this one, you can choose your "enhanced" element (car, tank, ...) :

It uses the Hiro marker; more information on the Kodierer blog.
A lot of petential : Recognition of a 2D barcode, retrieves a contract (for instance), and enhances the display of that contract or add features on that contract.

Great stuff !

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