Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Silverlight and Microsoft Test and Lab Manager (Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2)

Hi, I am currently using "Test Runner" from "Test and Lab Manager" (Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2) for a Silverlight 4.0 project. As soon as I start recording, I have a spendid error message :

"Microsoft Silverlight is not supported.. Test paused."

Any one knows if it's going to be supported on Visual Studio 2010 RTM ??

[updates: Dec 2009] :
I tried a very powerfull and impressive UI Automation that works on a Silverlight 4.0 projects.
It is the WebUI Test Studio 2 application from Telerik / ArtOfTest.
 They claim to be this first "Record and Play" for Silverlight (even Microsoft hasn't supported it ... yet ! == It'll come soon after the release of VS2010 RTM).
Here is the article : Telerik and ArtOfTest Launch Industry’s First Record & Play Silverlight UI Testing Automation Solution.

Even more impressive, I installed it on my VS2008 (even if the SL4 project was developped in VS2010b2), and it worked straight after, and is very intuitive (but a bit slow since I was in a VPC).

Another UI test for SL (but I haven't tried yet): Hewlett Packard has launched a plugin to HP QTP (QuickTest Pro).

[updates: Dec 2010] : Our Quality Team tried HP QTP to create the automated UI testing on our complex SL4 LOB application. This tool is really expensive, but it works perfectly within half a day, and no need to reference within our project any additional DLLs (which is the case for WebUI Tests Studio from Telerik or the Microsoft Coded UI).



  1. Apparently, according to a MVP in Team System, it's not possible to perform this kind of test on Silverlight :-(

  2. It is nos possible with Feature Pack 2 :
    See some updates here :


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