Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tech-Days 2009 in Paris

Hello, a quick feed back on the Tech-Days 2009 in Paris. Excellent Keynote : the demos are dynamics and funny you could find the video here.

Although, I attended only one day out of the 3, I was really looking forward to find out what other new technologies Microsoft is preparing for us : Surface, Windows 7, Visual Studio 2010, Microsoft Solver Foundation ...

It's also a great opportunity :
. to meet previous colleagues and keep in touch;
. to encourage Winwise speakers that are presenting more than 20 sessions in only 3 days !

Great stuff... except at some point, where I must admit, I was unlucky enough to attend an awful session that I left 10 min after it has started. To be polite, I will not mention the session that would have been good for beginners ... 2 years ago ; moreover, since it was classified as "expert" either many people left the session too or sarcastic comments were made.

Among the top quality sessions, I wanted to mention a great one : it's "Coding for fun", with WPF, XNA, Wiimote. The name of the session speaks by it-self : totally unusefull code, but so much fun in designing and coding them, it's real a challenge for the brain to develop such applications. I loved it !!

I wish I could have attended more sessions... nevermind : I'll do it better next year.

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