Sunday, February 15, 2009

October 2008 : Tech-Ed EMEA 2008 in Barcelona

Here we are in Barcelona !! October 2008 : Tech-Ed EMEA 2008 in Barcelona (Europe Middle-East and Africa).

I know, it is really sunny, however, we (as Winwise) are here to work hard on the latest Microsoft technologies during these 4 days conference.

After the usual Keynote, I started directly with one of my favorit topic :
"Best Practices for Managing Projects with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System", where I found my God : Joel Semeniuk, a MVP - Regional Director, very funny that presents us real user cases, not the ones that comes out of the book. That was great !!

So many interresting sessions given by visionnary speakers (The Future of Unit Testing by Roy Osherove, AGILE, ...), but I think it would be boring to mention them all.

For the non interresting ones, with my average of 5 hours-sleep, I just escaped to have a 30 min rest on the beach.

Here is the team sent by Winwise (many many thanks Olivier Bourdin !!) :
Picture on the left Daniel Tizon (Regional Director), Audrey Petit, Julien Tournadre, Davy Frontigny, and my-self on the left hand of the second picture.

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